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About Making The Invisible Visible

Our Aim

To educate others on invisible illnesses and disabilities to hopefully one day end the discrimination we receive, whilst we empower those that live with one and donate 100% of our net profits to charity.

Our History

The awareness images were created by Colourstorm (view our 'support' page) in October 2019 with our merchandise & posters launching via the founders Facebook page the following month.

The project was put on hold whilst COVID impacted the world however the website and Facebook page was launched in July 2020 along with more merchandise.

It has continued to grow since then with a number of different projects running along side our shop.


We felt it was important to give back to some of the charities that support those living with an invisible illness / disability.  All net profits therefore get donated to 10 different charities.

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Thank You

With your support we can make a difference. 

(Tops on models were printed by Embello, OfficialCertee and ThisMommaCrafts)

The Founder

About The Founder

My name is Jessica Mary Logan and I have 3 main forms of invisible illnesses (IBD, CFS/M.E and Mental Health)

along with a few other invisible conditions.

I have received discrimination on a number of occasions for using disabled toilets / being unable to do things a young person would, which has given me the passion to raise awareness of invisible illnesses and disabilities.

There is limited representation in society today despite 1 in 5 people living with a disability and 80% of those being invisible. Even those living with a disability are embarrassed to say they have one due to the stigma. 

I struggled with my body image and was suicidal after my stoma surgery but I learnt to love my body for the life it gave me and I want to help others embrace their beauty.

Below is a list of things I have been doing to help my cause:

  • I have taken part in photoshoots with my stoma / scars on show, to highlight that we are all beautiful no matter what 'defects' we may have. One of these photos was on the front cover of Tidings magazine.

  • I launched group photoshoots at the start of 2020 and the project was turned into a calendar. This will be continuing each year to help empower others.

  • I have training programmes set up to help educate work places and schools.

  • I have had articles / interviews with the press talking about my story.

  • I started taking part in pageants in 2019 to highlight that beauty comes in all forms and I placed in my last 3 pageants. I am competing in Miss Diamond UK for the 1st time in October 2022 as Mrs West Midlands. This is a system that celebrates the beauty and diversity of every women so I'm excited for this new journey.                     My current sponsors are Richard Murrall, Kylie Rose Boutique and Wake Bespoke Garments. 

  • I created the Warrior Charity Pageant for those with invisible illnesses and disabilities in 2019 and the 1st live event took place in October 2021 after long delays due to covid. This raised over £1500 for charity whilst the virtual events ran during the pandemic helped me raise over £800 for charity.

  • I run video interviews with those impacted by invisible illnesses / disabilities. 

  • I hold charity events / fundraise, which has helped me raise nearly £6000 for charities since June 2019 including my sales via Making The Invisible Visible and The Warrior Pageant Competitions.

  • Our posters are due to be used around a number of different companies to help spread awareness.

  • I plan to launch a book to educate others and you may see us on TV next year. 

Here is a little more about my illnesses however you can read more info in my articles via the 'press' page:

  • I have suffered with depression, anxiety, body dysmorphia, IBS, intestinal dysmotility and back problems (later causing a degenerative disc and straight neck) from a young age.


  • In 2017 I was diagnosed with acute severe ulcerative colitis (IBD) and a week later I went through emergency surgery to create a Stoma (ileostomy) after they removed my colon and appendix (total colectomy).


  • Since then I have gone through a further 3 operations (all within the space of a year) because of complications and to create a j pouch (a man made rectum after mine needing to be removed).


  • My CFS/M.E was diagnosed later in 2019, as a result of the trauma caused by my IBD journey and Glandular Fever in 2015. This is what I suffer with the most today as I can be bedbound for days / weeks.


  • I also have Migraines and a few other problems.


I feel it's so important to turn my experiences into positivity and this is why I focus on raising awareness and helping others accept the new them / see themselves as beautiful. 

I have included 3 images of me to show you can be beautiful no matter what 'defects' you feel you have. 

I feel my body is much more beautiful now than it was on the first picture because it shows my strength.