Meet our ambassadors

Each of our ambassadors understand what it's like to live with an invisible illness or disability and help to raise awareness.


Jessica Dowle

Hi I’m Jessica and I’m six years old from Liverpool.

I've had my colostomy (stoma) since I was 4 years old due to chronic constipation and it has helped me so much.

I love raising stoma awareness via my page 'Jessicas stoma journey' and through broadcasters.

I also love to support different charities and enable children to feel comfort and acceptance.

I regularly fundraise to help donate stoma bears and inclusive dolls to hospitals and schools.


Beverly Greenwood

Hi everyone i'm Beverly, 51 years old and a mother of a 20 year old son.

I am Miss Charitable Beauty UK, work with Cheshire DPAC (disabled people against cuts) and a patient Governor for the NHS for Mental health and Social care.

Up until 4 years ago I was a fit health lady, then my world turned upside down and I now have several medical issues.

At the time I thought that was it a life in a wheelchair and isolation but after the first year I changed my way of thinking, as my life wasn't over, just different.

I began a sewing group for autistic children and made toilet bags for the homeless and things carried on from there.

I met Jessica (the founder) at a pageant and seeing how she coped with her medical issues inspired me to do more.

I loved that Jessica was using her voice for those who struggle to use theirs.

I  have helped to promote Making the Invisible Visible in different ways and you will be surprised by how many people want to know more.

The more information out there, the better and hopefully we will educate a lot more people through this.

Below are the list of medical conditions I have:

FND (Functional neurological disorder)

NEAD (Non epileptic attack disorder)





Vocal chord disfunction



Sarah Smith

My name is Sarah and I am 31 years old.

I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis, which is a form of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) when I was just 16 years old.

I grew up living with the disease from this young age and found it was really difficult. I had 13 years of trying different medications but in April 2019 I was admitted to hospital and had to have emergency surgery to have my colon removed because all medications had failed.

I had surgery to form an ileostomy (stoma), where the end of my small bowel pokes out through my stomach and I attach a bag to it, to collect my waste (faeces).

My surgery has given me a new lease of life. Having the bag has empowered me and made me feel more body confident than I have ever felt.

I am proud to be an ostomate and my aim is to raise as much awareness as possible via social media.