Jennifer Taylor at Colourstorm

The creator of the awareness images and ribbons used on products & logo.

Sam Cope at This Momma Crafts

Our main supplier for our merchandise.

Jordan at Mermaid Dream Designs

Our supplier for pet bandanas who makes them all by hand.

Chris Cooke at Retro Graphix

Our supplier for our car stickers.

Zoe Hill at How Promotions

One of our private support group admin and video interviewers.

Sasha Bennington at Be Extra

Our supplier for our pop sockets.

Stoma Style

Our supplier for Stoma bag covers.

Me. My Tubes & I

Our supplier for medical supply accessories.

Style & Story Photography

Our photographer for the group photos used on the page and for our calendar edits.

Stuart Randle Photography

Our photographer for the founders images in 'About'

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