Bright Ears sells handmade inclusive dolls and accessories to empower children and promote inclusivity.

Prices of dolls start from £21.99 and you can alter for your needs. 

These badges are sold by Jessica for £1 + p&p. All profits made are used towards helping children with illnesses. For example Jessica donates buttony bears (stoma bears) regularly to a children's hospital. 

A bear named buttony are a UK based company who donate stoma bears to children or young adult support packs for just £30.
This is to help those who have just gone through stoma surgery, which can be life changing.

Kelly Moss creates ostomy bears and dolls to give to those who would benefit from one.
She is from down under (Australia) but ships worldwide and is supported by Jessicas Stoma Journey like Buttony Bears.

Jeans sold by I Am Denim - Visit the main site below or buy on Silk Fred. 

Imagine a world without judgement where feeling confident about yourself is natural. No questioning your size, shape, scars or surgery. 

I Am Denim want to bring you that confidence with their specially designed innovative comfort jeans. 

This product is sold by Gail Crampton for £6.99 + p&p.

It's a charming children's book told in gentle rhyme and is dedicated to all children with hidden illnesses.  

Messy4Mind is a challenge to support the mental health charity Mind. It's similar to the ice bucket challenge but instead of getting wet you get messy! The idea behind the challenge is that they call mental health the invisible illness but by getting messy we can see it exists. 
It's running on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. 

These products are sold by Amy-Louise Walker for £3 each or two for £5. All profits go to Young Minds.

Show your stand against bullying. 

This product is sold by Trinity Harper for £6.50 including postage. All profits from this item will go to Mind UK.

About the item:

A home made bag full of positive tasks, quotes or encouragements for the week.

The bag contains 52 scrolls and 52 beads that hold the scrolls together.

You will also find a piece of elastic and a crown. After opening the scrolls, place the bead in the bag until you have enough beads to make a positivity bracelet.

This will be a reminder of all the positivity you have created.

There are also a few treats in your bag too!

£10 each for:

A 44 page mental health activity book filled with puzzles and colouring in pages to help you relax


A 52 page pure bound colouring book on 200gsm uncoated quality paper. The perfect way to relax - colouring in individual pages of shapes, patterns and chronic quotes

This product is sold by Nicola Floss for £25 including postage. All proceeds go to Terrance Higgins Trust & Herts Mind Network.

This beautiful box contains carefully selected items to enable relaxation, wellbeing and a positive state of mind.

It will contain the following;

- Personalised Keepsake Box (available in 3 colours)

- An interactive journal & Rose Gold Pen

- 2 FaceFacts Face Brightening Sheets, A Nourishing Foot Mask & Moisturising Hand Cream

- Personalised China cup & saucer

- Bag of Kindness Box Milk Chocolates & A Calming Tea bag OR Decaffeinated Coffee bag

- Inspirational Bracelet, 2 Positive Affirmation Cards and a Card for a Personalised Message

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