Warrior Charity Pageant

The event is Sponsored by Salts Healthcare

Those with invisible illnesses and disabilities will be taking part in the competition to help raise awareness of their hidden struggles and raise money for my 10 chosen charities. 

Our 1st Warrior Pageant raised £1554, had almost 30 people take part and over 70 audience members. 

I'm aiming for the next one to be bigger and better.

You can view more information or buy tickets 

following the links below:


Empowerment Photoshoots
and the 2023 Awareness Calendar

Our group empowerment photoshoots (as seen on our home page and in our calendar) are running in 12 different UK locations this year.

We are also hoping to organise some globally. 

Some of our shoots are SOLD OUT but

others have some spaces available.

We accept anyone who has an invisible illness or disability (mental or physical / diagnosed or undiagnosed)

so please get in touch if you are interested.


The Warrior Awards 2021

In January 2022 we announced the winners for our 2021 Warrior Awards.

We sent off their winning trophy and provided certificates to those who had received nominations.

Congratulations to all of our winners:

Animal Companion - Gary McKnight

Carer - Rae Dickson

Under 18 Warrior - Daniel Weston

Over 18 Warrior - Jayne Fletcher-Brander

Thank you to those who provided a nomination.


Awareness Interviews

This is where we talk to others that have an invisible illness or disability to hear their stories. Please contact us if you'd like to take part.

The will be recommencing these very soon.

You can view the current interviews below.

Please contact us if you'd like to be involved. 


Video Compilations


This is where a number of invisible illness / disability warriors came together to create a video to help raise awareness.


This is where a number of people came together to create a video to show that 'Every Body Is A Beach Body' despite their disability, body shape, height, age, sex or race etc.


This is where a number of us got together to help others understand how a simple question can have such a big impact.