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Warrior Charity Pageant

Those with invisible illnesses and disabilities will be taking part in the competition to help raise awareness whilst funds raised on the day are donated to various charities.

(Some of those listed in our 10 chosen charities and others chosen by the contestants)

If you would like to watch, you can contact us using the contact us form and below you can find more information about the event. 


Awareness Interviews

This is where we talk to others that have an invisible illness or disability to hear their stories. Please contact us if you'd like to take part.
You can view the current interviews below. 


Awareness / Empowerment Photoshoots

Our group empowerment photoshoots (as seen on our home page and in our calendar) are happening in August and September.

Please get in touch below if you'd like to be involved. ​


2022 Calendar

Our 2021 calendar was a huge success, selling over 170 copies and raising over £500 for charity. 

We will be launching a 2022 calendar and we are seeking those with an invisible illness or disability to take part. 

Please use the contact us form if you are interested. 


In The Background

Our education project is ready to train in schools and workplaces once it is safe to do so.

If you would like to book or enquire about this please fill out the contact us form. 

An exciting project is also being put together and you may be seeing us on TV next year, so fingers crossed. (Subject to covid) 


Video Compilations


This is where a number of invisible illness / disability warriors came together to create a video to help raise awareness.


This is where a number of people came together to create a video to show that 'Every Body Is A Beach Body' despite their disability, body shape, height, age, sex or race etc.


This is where a number of us got together to help others understand how a simple question can have such a big impact.