The Bios of our April 2021 Calendar Models

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

This is where you can get to know our real life models to understand their personal link to the cause, why they took part, how this helped them and a little bit more about them.

Please come back to view updates as these come in. (Last updated 11/11/2020)

Lauren Kelly:

My name is Lauren Kelly, aged 21.

I have Ulcerative colitis, PCOS and a range of mental illnesses. I have a permanent ileostomy and aim to help others fighting through invisible illnesses!

My Instagram is invisible_illnesses and love being a part of the wonderful community!

My shoot made me feel powerful and strong; despite all we have overcome i am so inspired to see the photos complete! We all truly are warriors!

Let's continue to fight hard to reduce the stigma surrounding invisible illnesses 

Liam Manning: Please view Kent Info

Natalie Gardner: TBC

Caitlin Nash:

I'm Caitlin, 30 years old living in Grantham Lincolnshire where I'm a female taxi driver.

Not only do I face prejudice due to being a female in a mainly Male job but also I suffer with 2 invisible illnesses that I feel I have to defend on a daily basis.

I was diagnosed with Post Concussion Syndrome in 2016 resulting in suffering from migraines which have resulted in trips to A&E.

Also in January 2020 I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary syndrome which I'm still discovering everything about.

Gab Mullaly: TBC

Bryony Brewin:

I’m Bryony and I’m 36, I was born with the birth defect bladder exstrophy which is where my abdomen was open and my bladder is outside.

At 4 months old I had the first of my operations to correct this as best as possible, so I given a vesicostomy which is where the ureters are taken to the surface of the abdomen and formed into a stoma where I wore a bag to collect urine and my bladder was removed.

This actually lasted until I was 30 and I then had a neobladder made with a mitrofanoff which was made from part of my bowel, so now I no longer have a bag, I use a catheter which I insert into my mitrofanoff which is a continent stoma and it looks like a dimple on my abdomen.

So far I’ve had 28 operations to maintain my condition but even this hasn’t stopped me living a normal life, there isn’t anything I can’t do because of it.

Last year I decided to give back and became an ambassador for Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s charity because this is where babies with my condition are treated.

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