The Bios of our June 2021 Calendar Models

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

This is where you can get to know our real life models to understand their personal link to the cause, why they took part, how this helped them and a little bit more about them.

Please come back to view updates as these come in. (Last updated 11/11/2020)

Elliott Oconnor Ballantyne: TBC

Grace Ryder:

Hi my name is Grace, I am 15 and was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes a few days after my eighth birthday.

I am on multiple daily injections of insulin and have a CGM to help with blood sugar testing.I have raised money for JDRF and our local hospital kids group.

I am studying for my GCSEs and in my spare time I like to play piano and do modelling shoots and shows.

My modelling Instagram page is graceryder.modelling .

I enjoyed participating in this calendar and hope it will raise awareness. 

Zena-Dawn Francis:

My name is Zena-Dawn Francis I’m 45 and have these illnesses and disabilities

*Crohn’s disease with an ileostomy



*Ankylosing spondylitis

*chronic fatigue syndrome

*Chronic slow transit

*Hiatus hernia

*Intermittent self catheterisation

*prolapse of perennial wall

*Ovarian cysts

As you can guess the medication I need to take just to be able to function day to day is crazy and some days even that doesn’t help. Some days I can’t get my head off the pillow, or stand up straight without crippling pain. Some days it beats me. But I don’t stay down for long! I’ve had 4 surgeries in 2 years and another one is planned for the very near future.

I’ve named my stoma, his name is STAN!! And I love him he saved my life!!

Doing the photo shoot was ridiculously scary and I must have spent about 3 hours trying to hit the send button on the email containing the calendar photos because I was sooo scared and insecure with my body image because of weight gain from medications and all the scars from numerous surgeries and stretch marks from child birth. But then I thought the weight I can loose, the scars are there to remind me how brave I was and still am with everything I’ve gone through like stitches in time they tell my story, I lived through it all, Im still living with the illnesses and with the support and unconditional love from my family they remind me I’m strong enough to keep fighting even when I don’t feel it myself. My stretch marks are my badges of honour for I am blessed with motherhood.

Though all this I’ve developed the ability to stay strong, be positive and carry on. I hope that in the future I will be able to help others by becoming an advocate and ambassador for Crohn’s, ileostomies and my fellow ostimates. Thanks for reading this small part of my journey so far. You can follow my journey on Instagram @zenadawn_stomawarrior

Mary Mullally: TBC

Alaina DeAnn Bower: TBC

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