The Bios of our Kent 2021 Calendar Models (Seen on the Front Cover and Awareness Dates)

This is where you can get to know our real life models to understand their personal link to the cause, why they took part, how this helped them and a little bit more about them.

Please come back to view updates as these come in. (Last updated 11/11/2020)

Charlotte Jane Brooker:

I'm Charlotte and I am currently your Miss WorldClass Ms Ambassador.

I am a teacher by trade and work 1 to 1 SEN curriculum in a primary school setting. The pageantry community has greatly supported me in a time of need and change soany things for me. The misconception of art couldn't be more wrong. 

I also run #cjbpageantry which was set up to help develop the individual members. It's a system design to help support in accessing the pageantry community. Through my company and members I work with many systems and various charity events such as Atlantic Beauty & Pure UK to name a few. I am supporting the fund raising for a number of different charities. My own journey is currently supporting We Care Worldwide, My Aware, Invisble Illnesses and the Samaritians purse operation.

I'm thrilled and honoured to be a part of this and can't wait to see the results.

Jacob-Clarke Brooker: TBC

Sophie Johnson: TBC

Joanne Moran:

I was invited to get involved with the invisible illness calendar as I have Bronchiectasis, No Bowel (due to Ulcerative Colitis) and Fibromylgia.

My daughter Jessica Moran has been my carer for many years.

The photoshoot was very empowering with lots of inspirational people.

We all want to raise awareness for invisible illnesses and young carers like my Jess, who is my rock.

Liam Manning (Age 37):

Living with - Crohns Disease, Ileostomy, Addison's Disease, Bile salts malabsorption, Cutaneous Crohns, Anxiety, Depression. 

I did the shoot to do something out of my comfort zone and to be the person I tell others to be!...... that's be confident in yourself and your body. Something I haven't been true too myself. 

I love the work Jessica is doing for everyone living with a hidden disability, and the feature of writing positive words and our disabilities on our bodies is a fantastic show to the public. many people may look very normal but deep within, many people are fighting battles you may never know or see. #bekind #DontJudge

Phillipa the photographer made me feel very comfortable, I walked in with a confident exterior and a shaking, anxious mess inside, but she helped me relax and had me posing like a pro in no-time. Such a kind hearted lady with great banter haha

I had an overwhelming feeling of emotions doing the shoot. I never thought I would have done this before my ileostomy surgery, let alone with a stoma bag hanging of my belly. So I'm so grateful to all involved and for giving me a chance to brave my reality and give me pictures that I can share to support the invisible disability awareness. 

Personal page;

FB & Gram - @liam_stoma_awareness

Stoma pages;

FB - Stoma Life East Kent Ostomates 

FB & Gram - @StomaWorld

Jessica Moran: TBC

Lydia Rigden: TBC

Milly Rigden: TBC

Robyn Manning:

Fighting invisible illnesses including Ulcerative colitis, Coeliac disease, Chairi malformation, chronic migraine, arthritis and anxiety.  

Living with invisible illnesses can be very debilitating, scary, embarrassing and lonely. More often than not we are judged without true understanding, often made out to be lazy, weak and even faking it. Please be kind and stop the judgment, you don't know what people maybe going through! Everyday is a fight, a fight to get up and ready in the morning, a fight to say awake in the afternoon, a fight to find sleep at night. We are fighting pain every day, the pain may not stop but you must remember that the pain must not stop you! 

Jessica asked us to write positive words over our body to show that yes we do have invisible illnesses but we are strong, worthy, honest fighters and our illnesses do not define us as people.   

I was extremely nervous and it took alot of courage to do this shoot, my body has seen many changes through the years due to medications/pregnancy which has had a negative effect on me knocking my confidence. Not only that, many people do not know the real struggles, i plaster a fake smile to protect myself against any negativity. I wanted to join in Jessica's campaign to help other and myself feel empowered. I can honestly say I felt amazing after and my negative mindset was quickly removed.

Not all illnesses are visible!! 

Know your worth and most of all be kind. 💜

Stoma pages;

FB - Stoma Life East Kent Ostomates

Fb & Gram - @StomaWorld

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This is where you can get to know our real life models to understand their personal link to the cause, why they took part, how this helped them and a little bit more about them. Please come back to vi