The Bios of our March 2021 Calendar Models

Updated: Dec 12, 2020

This is where you can get to know our real life models to understand their personal link to the cause, why they took part, how this helped them and a little bit more about them.

Please come back to view updates as these come in.

Sophie Brown:

Hi I'm Sophie diagnosed 2019 with Stage 4 bowel Cancer 10 days after diagnosis I got my colostomy ( thinking it was temporary) fast forward to March 2020 in the pandemic I had a Total pelvic extenteration resulting in becoming a double bagger.

My bags and scars and cancer have given me strength that I never knew I had. I talk all things stomas and my goal is to show people that ostomes are brave and strong.

I was nervous doing the photos but by the end I felt very empowered

Dale Logan:

Hi I'm Dale, I'm 31 years old and married to Jessica (The founder).

I live with IBS, Sciatica, Cluster Headaches, Migraines and Mental Health issues.

My life has changed a lot in the past 3 years since Jess became unwell, which has resulted in me being her carer at times.

I am proud of what she has achieved despite her limitations and I know she has helped a number of people as a result of this.

Emily McDonald:

Hiya lovely, I'm Emily McDonald and I am 19 years old.

I suffer with migraines, panic attacks, anxiety attacks, depression and anxiety. All my life I have suffered with bullying and outbursts of anger, thankfully I have learnt to control the outbursts but the bullying still happens.

I am starting to come to terms with this being me but when people shut me down about my illnesses I feel small and unwanted.

Taking part in the calendar made me know that I am not alone and I'm not anything less than anyone else. This is a milestone for me and I'm so glad that Jessica organised it all.

Mandi Anderson: I am 55 and in 2017 I was told I had a polyp which was not malignant, I chose to have the polyp removed in one go rather than being picked at bit by bit, as I needed to get back to work.

Unfortunately just before the op, I was told it may actually be cancer. I underwent the op in December and the tumour was removed, a week later the staples joining my bowel failed and I became extremely ill. I had emergency surgery and that was when my stoma was created. 

It was a long recovery as my wound did not heal very well and I had to have a wound vac.

Tyra-Louise Samson: TBC

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