2021 Charity Calendar

2021 Charity Calendar

A3 Calendar Consisting of:
	Nearly 80 models all with an invisible illness or disability
	Front Cover and Back Cover
	About the cause page
	Awareness dates over 2 pages (These could differ to yours if outside of UK)
	12 months - UK, US, Aus and Canada Dates
	Charity page (These could differ to yours if outside of UK)
	Affirmation page
	Thank you page

Silk Paper - 200gsm
Australia dates do not include each own states holidays, only the main ones.

Everyone's disability / illness was highlighted through words written on themselves to make their daily fight 'visible'. 
  • Pre Order

    Pre Order Is Essential. 

    These are printed in bulk so if we run out of stock there will be a longer delay whilst we wait for them to get printed. 

  • Delivery Delay

    We currently have prints on order but these will not arrive until next week therefore there will be a delay in delivery if you order now. 

    This will also be subject to stock as we have limited copies on order. 

  • Delivery Cost

    Delivery for all calendars up to 2kg are sent as a small parcel through royal mail at £3.10. 

    If the website charges over for any bulk orders we will refund to your initial payment method. 


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