Affirmation Plaque (UK postage included)

Affirmation Plaque (UK postage included)

Wooden affirmation plaqueBottom line is customised with a name 20cm H x 13.5cm WChoose between white ribbon and twine to hang. These are made to order by a charity called Broken Souls Rescue.We aim to support small businesses and charities, please view our supplier details. This product also provides a donation to Broken Souls Rescue.Our supplier delivers these seperate to our local suppliers so UK postage has been incorporated into the price. We will therefore refund any additional charges our website will automatically charge (after checkout), if you only purchase items made by Broken Souls Rescue and delivery address is in the UK
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    The usual processing time for these to be made is 2 weeks.

    If there is any issues with meeting this timescale, we will get in touch to let you know.





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