Drawstring Bag

Drawstring Bag

SKU: 217537123517253

White Drawstring Bag with Black Straps

Polyester Material - 44cm x 34cm 


Main Design - Lady, Man, Girl or Boy (View printable designs below) and text saying 'Don't diss my disability. This is what disabled looks like'. You can also customise your text. 

Ribbon Design - See image 2

Ribbon Heart Design - See image 3 and 4

Spoonie Design - See image 5

Affirmation Design - See image 6

Bee Design - See image 7


These are printed by This Momma Crafts so are subject to pre order.

Wholesale stock may be ordered after time of sale so there could be additional delays. We will inform you via email.

We aim to support small businesses, please view our supplier details.

  • Customisation

    You can select the specific text you'd like printed and you can also select specific ribbons you'd like printed but these must be stated in the specific 'customisation' box. 

Main Design
Ribbon Design
Heart Ribbon Design
Spoonie Design
Affirmation Design
Bee Design




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