Inclusive Resin Bear (UK postage included)

Inclusive Resin Bear (UK postage included)

Resin Bear Approximately 6.5cm in height.
You can choose the colours you wish to incorporate, so it can be rainbow, pink, rose gold, silver, grey etc (you name it)
Why not make it more creative with flowers, glitter or foil.
Please specify the above in your order.
We will incorporate additional features you wish to show such as:
Stoma Bags
Feeding Port
or Other (please specify - we will try our best to meet this request)
More photos will be added once products are made.
You can view our resin lady torso to see how we incorporate more features.
These are made to order by Creations by FS so are subject to pre order. 
Our processing time is currently around 4-6 weeks as our supplier has returned to work full time (now that uk covid restrictions have eased.)
We aim to get these out beforehand but cannot promise an earlier date. 
Please feel free to message me if you need it for an important celebration. 
(We love to support small businesses, please view our supplier details.)
Our resin supplier delivers these seperate to our other suppliers, so UK postage has been incorporated into the price.
We will therefore refund any additional charges our website will automatically charge (after checkout), if you only purchase items made by and you are in the UK.
International Shipping will vary and we will refund any extra charges after checkout.
  • Pre Order

    Processing time for these is subject to demand. 

    So they will take between 1-4 weeks to handmake. 

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