Men's T-Shirt - White Or Black

Men's T-Shirt - White Or Black

SKU: 21554345656

T Shirt Says 'They may be invisible but we are not'

The text can also be customised (Read Additional Info)


White 100% Polyester Tapered Neck

Black - Material could differ and product will be round neck (Image provided is an example from a tester)


Please view size chart for standard white top. 

Below are the bigger sizes available in the PJ style which is thinner

2XL (46/48")

3XL (49/50")

4XL (51/53")

5XL (54/55")


  • Pre Order

    Some sizes are subject to pre order.

    They can take up to 1 week to receive stock and we will let you know if it is any longer.

    If you want more info, please use the contact us form and we can let you know the earliest date they will arrive for printing after speaking with our suppliers.

  • Customisation

    You can select the specific text you'd like printed and you can also select specific ribbons you'd like printed but these must be stated in the specific 'customisation' box. 


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